As a child, I was fascinated by science fiction - and when I grew older, this fascination lead to a love for real-life science and mathematics. In high school I discovered computers and programming, and they changed my world again. The dreams that these passions inspired drove me to pursue an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Physics, and then to graduate school in mathematics. Meanwhile, my love of programming and technology took a back seat for a time - yet I could not resist it, and kept working as an on-call Technology Consultant providing services to a small Ottawa business even through my years in academia. Now, having conquered my academic goals - and having done some amazing research in the process, on things like Higgs boson physics and approaches to proving the Riemann hypothesis - I am enthusiastic about my move into the technology industry for the next chapter of my journey.

Some of my not-entirely-professional interests include: Travelling, hot (yes, actually hot) food, teaching, writing, photography, PC games, philosophy, classical European art, and watching the Olympics (I went to China for the 2008 Summer Olympics, and hope to visit South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics).

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